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We can't call methods or properties of a class without an instance of that class unless the method or property is declares as static. static keyword is used to make a property or method available without the instance.

Scope Resolution Operator(::)
With scope resolution operator you can access staic methods or properties of class without an instance of that class (classname::method() / classname::$property).
Scope resolution operator is also used to access constants and overridden methods or properties of the parent class in the child class using parent:: .

class sample{
	static $key = "Static property<br>";
	static function test(){
		echo "Static method";
echo sample::$key;

Static property
Static method

final keyword is used to prevent overriding of a parent class method/function in the child class. You can declare a method final in parent class and trying to override that method in child class will give a fatal error.

class sample{

	final function test(){
		echo "Method from parent class<br>";
class new_sample extends sample{
	function test(){
		echo "From child class";


Fatal error: Cannot override final method sample::test() in C:\xampp\htdocs\test.php on line 12

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