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In Interfaces you can declare all the methods that you want a class to implement. All the methods in Interface has no statements i.e. only signatures are there. Interfaces are declared using interface keyword.
Instead to inherting we implement interfaces while using in a new class and that class must implement all those methods, failure to do so will result in fatal error.
Unlike inheritance you can implement more than one interfaces in PHP using , to seperate multiple interfaces.
Interfaces may have constants but not Variables.

interface clickHandler{
	// No statements only Signatures
    function leftClick($x,$y);
    function rightClick($x,$y);
    function scroll();
class clickHandling implements clickHandler{
//Implementing functions
    function leftClick($x,$y){
        echo "left click at $x, $y<br>";
    function rightClick($x,$y){
        echo "right click at $x, $y<br>";
    function scroll(){
        echo "Scrolled<br>";
// creating a new function other than interface
    function customInput($a){
        echo "Input is $a<br>";
// Creating Object
$handler = new clickHandling();

left click at 3, 7
right click at 12, 43
Input is abc

You can inherit an interface to create another interface by using extends instead of implements.

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