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Try Now Online:
You can always run you php code with our online compiler just click on

You can try it here

    echo “hello world”;

On Windows PC:
You can install binary executable PHP from the official site:

But Xampp server is an extremely popular server for PHP and we will also recommend using Xampp server.
Xampp has Apache server and also inbuilt MySQL server which we will use in our later courses and is extremely stable and runs on windows smoothly giving maximum uptime.
You can download Xampp server from:
We are using xampp-win32-5.5.35

Installing XAMPP-
Step 1 :
Install Xampp 1
Step 2:
Install Xampp 2
Step 3:
This is the default directory of installation you can change it accroding to your convinience. But it is important that you remember that location. Install Xampp 3
Step 4:
After Installation is complete and Xampp is launched you start Apache server. Install Xampp 4

Running PHP file :
In the installation directory you can find a folder htdocs
Assuming that you have installed in default directory and php file to be tested is test.php

Note : My port is 80 for Apache server(HTTP) it may be different in your case. You can check that from Xampp control panel.

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