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We can reuse the all the public, protected properties and methods in a new class using inheritance.
In PHP, we use extends. The class which is to be inherited is parent class and the new class is called child class. We can also override methods of the parent class in the child class.
The parent class remains uneffected with inheritance.

 class parentClass{
 	public $name;
 	public $id;
 	function __construct($name,$id){
 		$this->name = $name;
 		$this->id = $id;
 	function showdetails(){
 		echo $this->name."\n".$this->id."<br>";

 class childClass extends parentClass{
 	public $type = "inherited class";
 	// Overriding parent class function
 	function showdetails(){
 		echo $this->name."\n".$this->id."\n".$this->type;	

 $obj_par = new parentClass("parent",10);
 $obj_ch = new childClass("child",20);

 $obj_par->showdetails(); // call method of parent class
 $obj_ch->showdetails();  // call method of child class


parent 10
child 20 inherited class

Class Abstraction
Abstract Class
If a class is delcared as Abstract class, it can't be instantiated i.e. you can't create object for that class.
You might be wondering that what's the purpose of that class. We make use of Abstract class using inheritance i.e. used as parent class.
Any class having a abstract method must be declared as abstract class.

Abstract Method
A abstract method has only declaration and no implimentation.
All the abstract methods must be implemented while extending (inheriting from) a Abstract class in the child class.
Abstract classes and methods are declared using keyword abstract.

 abstract class item{
 	protected $name;
 	function __construct($name){
 		$this->name = $name;
 	abstract function showIteam(); // abstract method
 								// only declaration
 class realIteam extends item{ //implementing abstract class
 	function showIteam(){ // implementing abstract method
 		echo $this->name;

 $object = new realIteam("dummy");


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