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Hello World
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First PHP Program
We will start with a simple Hello World Program.

Hello World

    echo “hello world!!!”;

You can see the output of the file by clicking try now.
This code prints hello world!!!. Let's understand the code line by line

You will be able to understand this better with this code

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <h1><?php echo "title"; ?></h1>
  <p><?php echo "description"; ?></p>

Here we have ended PHP code in line 3 with ?> and code is again initiated in line 4.
Comments in PHP
Single line comments can be added in PHP code using // or #. Multiple line comments are added using /* comments */ Here is a code demonstrating comments in PHP

    //Here is a single line comment
    # There goes another comment
 echo "title"; 
 /* Want to see a multiline comment
 as you wish */

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