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Constructor is a method or function which is called when a new instance of a class is created i.e. a new object is created. Constructors are automatically called while creating new object.
We put those statements in constructors which we want to execute each time a new object is created.
Constructors are defined using __construct(args)(double underscore) function in a class.

 class car{
 	private $model; // properties
 	private $brand;
 	private $number;
 	function __construct($modal,$brand,$number){ //Constructor
 		$this->modal = $modal;//Here $modal is a different variable
 							  // not the property of class
 		$this->brand = $brand;
 		$this->number = $number;

 	public function showcar(){
 		echo $this->modal."\n".$this->brand."\n".$this->number;
 $car_A = new car("7S","Tes","BS 4202"); //creating new object
 						// and passing arguments to constructor
 $car_A->showcar(); // calling method to print car details


7S Tes BS 4202

Here we passed arguments for the intialization of values while creating new object.
It is not necessary to define a constructor. It's upto the developer's requirement.
Destructor is also a method of class which is called when there is no reference to object is available.
Destructors are defined usnig __destruct() function.

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